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David Brooks: What the Working Class Is Still Trying to Tell Us

I was ready for massive Democratic turnout for the election on Tuesday. But I was surprised how massive the Republican turnout was in response. The Republicans who flooded to the polls weren’t college-educated suburbanites. Those people voted for Democrats this…

November 13, 2018


Gov Holcomb: Meet People Where They Are and Give Them Tools to be Successful

Every day, I hear from hardworking Hoosiers who want better jobs, healthier communities and more opportunities for their children. I also hear from business owners who have open positions but can’t find people with the skills to fill them. I…

November 13, 2018

Indiana Lands New Workforce Partner

A workforce development not-for-profit that's backed by two national tech giants is expanding to Indiana, with the goal of helping people obtain skills needed in growing industries and businesses market themselves to potential employees. Gov. Eric Holcomb announced the launch…

November 13, 2018


Murray and Smith Interview: Why Indiana is a Great Place to Launch a Business

Entrepreneurs Matt Murray and Rob Smith are all about making dollars - but also making a difference! These friends joined Imagine Indiana to talk about how they are using social entrepreneurship to help make Indiana's roads cleaner and why Indiana…

November 6, 2018

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